Intoned Stones - 2
Moss Agate
1st Chakra
Modest, wholesome energy. Connects to
Earth energy. Brings ideas into being.  
Supports health, spiritual understanding.
ADBL-ITS-027                        $15.00
Health & Abundance
Nephrite Jade
4th Chakra
Stone of the heart. Prosperity, fertility
and abundance.  Harmony, happiness, joy.  
Mastery of money and enjoyment of life.
ADBL-ITS-031                        $30.00
4th Chakra
Increases health, wealth, joy, emotional
well-being. Ability to receive from the
Universe. Positive power, warmth. Heart.
ADBL-ITS-067                        $25.00
Earth Consciousness
Picture Jasper
1st Chakra
Inner journeying to sacred places. Good
for dreamwork, visioning and divination.
Brings messages from the Earth Mother.
ADBL-ITS-007                        $15.00
Multicolor Tourmaline
6th Chakra
Brings together body, mind, spirit and
soul.  Gateway to higher spiritual realms.  
Inspires dreams, creativity, imagination.
ADBL-ITS-069                        $45.00
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Petrified Wood
1st & 6th Chakras
Holds knowledge of ancient trees.  Earth
consciousness.  Supports shift to resonance with
natural world.  Reveals soul-gifts.
ADBL-ITS-290                        $20.00
Letting Go
4th Chakra
Connects with Divine Love & angels.  Rids
attachments to past relationships that
ended badly.  Opens & clears heart chakra.
ADBL-ITS-132                        $50.00
Enlightened Leader
4th Chakra
Encourages confidence, strengthens
ability to take action. Supports
manifestation. Endless possibilities.
ADBL-ITS-071                        $20.00
Balancing Emotions
4th Chakra
Contains lithium; helps with depression and
stabilizing emotional imbalances.  Calms and
relaxes.   Stone of serenity and balance.
ADBL-ITS-150                        $15.00
5th Chakra
Stone of feminine power.  Encourages going
with the flow.  Brings calmness.  Cooling and
soothing.  Atlantis Stone.
ADBL-ITS-130                        $40.00
Inner Vision
Lapis Lazuli
6th Chakra
Invoking the Divine. Good for spiritual
seekers.  Past-life exploration,
self-knowledge, reflection and truth.
ADBL-ITS-049                        $20.00
Magic & Protection
7th Chakra
Divination. Activates inner eye. Increases
synchronicities. Protects aura. Connects to
guides. Promotes self-mastery.
ADBL-ITS-011                        $20.00
Psychic Ability
6th Chakra
Builds bridges of light and pathways of
energy, clears energetic blocks.  Aids
in negotiations. Enhances telepathy.
ADBL-ITS-059                        $50.00
6th Chakra
Inner vision, shamanic journeying, soul
retrieval. Clears the third eye; stone of
the Muses.  Self expression.
ADBL-ITS-075                        $15.00
1st Chakra
Grounds to Earth & one's Soul, manifesting higher
purpose. Encompasses yin & yang, opposites within whole,
creates balanced energy.  Powerful for humanity now.
ADBL-ITS-282                        $25.00
Positive Change
Green Aventurine
4th Chakra
Optimism and positive change. Assists in
releasing old patterns and taking things
in stride. Good luck and prosperity.
ADBL-ITS-005                       $15.00
1st Chakra
Promotes safety and security. Psychic
protection. Stimulates kundalini energy
connecting root and crown chakras.
ADBL-ITS-051                        $30.00
Divine Mind
Flower Dumortierite
6th Chakra
Opens inner sight.  Stone of clairvoyance.  
Excellent for receiving Divine inspiration.  Cuts
through barriers.  Clear blockages.
ADBL-ITS-207                        $20.00
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